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A very long time ago, during the reign of an ancient empire, forgotten beings built ‘near instant’ gate travel between planets, star systems and galaxies. Then they discovered a multitude of universes they could visit and expand into.  But wars and resistance eventually forced them back to their own universe.  They tried to close the ‘multiverse’ gates behind them, but were not completely successful.
Since their retreat, the occasional multiverse gate traveler complains of misdirected connections.  Sometimes they disappear, to somewhere that many believe is the Lost Universe.  Unable to return, they are known as Lost Souls.
The various Gates are still in use today, but their creators are no more than an obscure mention in history.
Welcome to Lost Souls, an original science fantasy role-playing / collaborative storytelling group. Come… explore, play and even create in this vast lost universe. The Lost Universe, where modern/futuristic technology and magic co-exist. There are countless stories waiting to be told, many worlds and space to explore, characters and races to be brought to life… by creative people like you.

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